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Q: I’m buying a gift, can the artwork be changed?

A: All sales are final. Please make sure to take your time before making a purchase. How we perceive art is very personal, if you are planning to make a purchase for someone else, please consider letting your gifted one choose the piece of art he/she prefers and resonates with. If you want to make a purchase for a surprise gift, please consider buying a Gift Token. This will ensure a perfect artwork-owner match and your gifted one’s happiness!

Q: I’ve placed an order, when will my purchase arrive?

A: Thank you for your order! I´m so happy another arwork found its way home : ) For small items, please allow up to 7 business days to receive your order (international shipping takes approx. 2 weeks). We’ll send you an email when the artwork leaves the studio, with a tracking number for you to follow the shipping process.

Q: Can I have priority of choice when you release new artwork?

A: Absolutely! I am so thankful for you appreciating and being interested in my artmaking… it truely means the world to me! Most of the artwork I sell is one-of-a-kind: I announce new releases on Instagram [follow] and first offer new works and sales opportunities to my email list, make sure to subscribe!

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