Synthesis I


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Original mixed media art on canvas.

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Original mixed media on canvas, 20 x 20cm. Matt UV varnished, gallery quality. Acceptance Collection. Please note that due to lighting and monitor conditions, colors online might have a slight variation from the original artwork.

Signed by the artist on the back [front signature available upon request].

*Ships stretched from Spain.


“It may look like…but it didn´t take me 5 minutes, it took me 2 weeks ✨
It may look like…but I didn´t get it done by chance, it was created by the iteration of meditative causalities ✨
It may look like…but it is not simple, it has the intertwined complexity of patience, acceptance, love, hope and gratitude expressing through ✨
It´s the idea, the translation, the intention, the unexpected, the persistence, and the joy to hold and expand. May you feel it too and be blessed by it 🌸” —Karen


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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1,5 cm

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