What is conscious art?

Far from wishing to establish a formal definition of what Conscious Art is, I would like to share my perspective: the way I express Conscious Art and the way I hold it in my creative process.

“Conscious art is the artistic process that results in a piece of artwork (painting, sculpture, installation, or any handmade original creation), that has been inspired by my soul and that I have brought into manifestation, infused with specific frequencies for the observer to experience conscious evolution and wellbeing, while receiving references, activations or inspirations, within their own path of self-mastery“.

As science has already proven, the material reality we interact with is actually a light-energy reality, that is in constant change and exchange. Another name for that light-energy that creates and animates everything is consciousness (aka “light and information” or “life force”).

Therefore, I conceive Conscious Art as the result of alchemy, where matter is transformed in a specific way by infusing it with frequencies (through intention, rituals, energy transmissions, scalar waves, meditation, symbology, etc.). Other denominations given to this kind of creations are: “energy art” (for its nature), “feng shui art” (for its application), and  “transcendental art” (for its higher connection both in the making and the observing).

As each observer is unique, its own perception will  differ in some ways (or entirely!) from my original intention and frequency, depending on its level of sensibility. Those who observe only with their five physical senses inherent to our 3D reality will appreciate the visual aspect; while those who are capable of observing AND interacting from their Higher Sensory Perception will receive the greatest amount of benefits (references, activations, inspiration), in perfect evolutionary alignment of their Being.

Today I enjoy offering Conscious Art, as the perfect energetic synthesis of my purpose and Service to Others.

“Art can be invented or received. The first one comes from the minds, from imagination. It is good and therapeutic. The second is a frequency looking to manifest itself. It comes from our Souls, and that my girl can make a dent in the Universe.”

Karen Noack, through my Higher Self [2020].

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